Saturday, October 30, 2010

Frederik Teige - Elevate (Single + Remix)

5&1/4 Records & ATM Promo Present:
FREDERIK TEIGE - "Elevate" (Single + VANGEL Remix)

Video Directed by Jaan Silmberg for Pistoltrixx

"Elevate" is Frederik Teige's second single from his soon to be released debut LP. Based in Copenhagen, Denmark, Fred is known as the guitarist for Efterklang's live shows, but is now focussing on his own material.

I loved the song when i first heard it, so a remix was in order. I had alot of fun doing this remix, and was really challenged by the epic buildups and anthemic structure.

Both the Original and Remix are available as a FREE DOWNLOAD
the 5&1/4 Records Limited Edition floppy CD is availble to BUY

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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Weather Patternings (NomadeRadio GuestMix)

A while ago I was contacted to do a Guest Mix for Nomade Radio, and happily abliged.
The Mix aired live in mid-October on Nomade Radio (CHOQfm, Montreal), PanikRadio (105 Begium), and AfricanRadio (Sierra Leone). I repped a lot of material from the 5and1quarter catalogue, a few of my own remixes, and included a few old favs.


* insert - jazz (intro) *
Milosh - You Make Me Feel (Plug Research)
Ceschi - The One Man Band Broke Up (Equinox Records/Fake Four)
The Extremities - Eight Days (BackBurner)
Dan the Automator - 4:17 (75 Arc)
Massive Attack - Paradise Circus feat. Hope Sandoval (Virgin)
Vangel - Cold Rain (Equinox Records/5&1/4 Records)
Jostereo - Summer Breeze (independent)
* insert - jazz (sloppy) *
Nephlim Modulation Systems - Super Pretzel (BigTopCircusFreak Mix) (Big Dada)
ProF - A Life Force (5&1/4 Records)
Beans - Crave (Vangel Remix) (Warp Records)
Tidy Kid - Smell (Umor Rex)
The Extremities - Lost Souls (5&1/4 Records/BackBurner)
Michna - Fresh Brew (Ghostly)
peterdeadpan - Revolving Door (5&1/4 Records/DFM)
Tidy Kid - Circus Tramp (Gozombie Records)
Massive Attack - Psyche feat. Martina Topley-Bird (Virgin)
* insert - jazz (outro) *

You can stream and DOWNLOAD only the 1/2 mix here

Weather Patternings (NomadeRadio/5&1/4 Guest Mix) Mixed by Vangel by 5&1/4 Records

You can stream the full 1hr show including the mix here

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The EQX 25th 7" w/ Unreleased Remixes

As part of their 25th release (see more info about the BoxSet 2 posts down), Equinox Records presents the Unreleased Remixes (7inch Vinyl/Digital). I reworked a remix of a classic 2econd Class Citizen tune along with The Raincoatman featured on one side.

2econd Class Citizen - Wishing Well (The Raincoatman Vs. Vangel Remix) (eqx-025) by Equinox Records

Order info HERE
Digital Itunes HERE

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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Interview w/ BeatNotik

I just did an Interview w/ G from BeatNotik.
Beatnotik was born to an Italian graphic designer based in Barcelona. Inspired by the great passion for hip hop, beats, skateboarding and good vibes. Amongst other things, supporting Underground artists is what they do.

BeatNotik is "The hypnotic feelin of the beat rushing through your veins, hypnotic suggestions delivered by sounds that create a universe feeling"

Learn more about Beatnotik's Illustrations, Graphic & Fashion Design

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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Equinox presents The 25th: Deluxe Ed. Box Set

Equinox Records celebrates its 25th release with a 250 copies limited edition box set. Containing 7inch Vinyl (contains unreleased remix of Deadpan Darling's "Laugh Track" by Deckard and 2econd Class Citizen's classic "Wishing Well" gets reworked by The Raincoatman and Vangel) , USB Stick (w/ 2007 tour video + unseen footage), a 50-minute audio cassette (yes, a real tape!) featuring two incredible Equinox megamixes by Buddy Peace and Phonatic. If you miss the deluxe package with the stick, all of the limited 250 copies include a download link for the video as well as the digital version of the remix release and more bonus material, making "Equinox presents -- The 25th" a worthy package for all music lovers and collectors.

Order + Free DWNLDS here

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Monday, October 11, 2010

MondayJazz Vangel Mix: Multiplying Difference

MONDAYJAZZ presents: "Multiplying Difference"
Mixed by VANGEL


Multiplying Difference - TRACKLISTING

Amon Tobin - Stoney Street (Ninja Tune)
Vangel - Double Coding (5&1/4 Records)
Cat Power - Shaking Paper (Matador)
Robot Koch - Hard To Find (Project MoonCircle)
Central Services - Fuck Me (Def Jux)
Burial - In McDonalds (HyperDub)
The Mother of Invention - Go Cry On Somebody Else's Shoulder (Verve)
Daddy Kev - By Your Side (Unreleased LowEndTheory beat) (Alpha Pup)
Bibio - Rotten Rudd (Warp Records)
Starkey - Sector 9 Shootout (Independent)
Slugabed - knsdf (Planet Mu)
Kuedo - Starfox (Planet Mu)
Central Services - What Would God Do (Def Jux)
Jostereo - All'aria Aperta (Independent)
Break - Symmetrics (Symmetry)
0=0 - More Than Anything (Planet Mu)
Blockhead - The Music Scene (Ninja Tune)
The Platters - Smoke Gets in Your Eyes (Mercury)
Radiohead - Reckoner (TimbalandLake Edit) (XL Recordings)
aKido - Paper Chase (Nordique Music)Zoot Woman - It's Automatic (ZWR)
Vangel - MoneyMoney (Equinox Records/5&1/4 Records)
Bangles - Manic Monday (Columbia)

Learn more about MondayJazz
Covert Art by Grape Frogg

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