Sunday, November 29, 2009

The 5&1/4 Records Team - 2009

A 2009 5&1/4 Records Group Shot.

Click on the photo for a better looksee.
From L to R: Vangel, Uncle Fester, Fresh Kils, ProF, Rob Wicks
Missing in Action: Dorc, Danimal, & TDB
Photo By: Anna Lisa Sang

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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Ira Lee (My Favourite Songs By Me)

‘My favorite songs by me‘ is the awesome new lp by your friend Ira Lee. What immediately seperates this lp from the hundred and fifty others I come across everyday is the phenomenal Polaroid cover art. The cd is a meaty 16 tracks of distinctive song writing and truly original concepts. It’s rare that a ’rapper’ is able to shape shift so effectively from sing song delivery, to straight on first person storytelling. Aside from it’s startling creativity, and diverse and interesting production values, ‘my favorite songs by me’ manages to maintain a level of sincerity absent in modern music. Featuring production by Factor, Scott Da Ros, Mattr, Funken, & more, Ira lee is truly a wonderful discovery. Available Dec.1 2009 from Endemik Music (internationally) and

Check out this oldie but goodie...Die.

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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Extremities New Single - "Lost Souls"

5&1/4 Records Presents:

The new single, "Lost Souls" by the Extremities (Fresh Kils & Uncle Fester) feat. Tim Crofts & Anthony Rinaldi.

"Lost Souls", a soul-drenched, timeless instrumental romp, is the first offering off the upcoming Extremities EP coming in early 2010. Riding off the success of their last release, The New Tonic, a CBC jazz remix project, the Extremities have been hard at work on stage and in the studio brewing unique blends of dusty production & live instrumentation. We think you’ll agree; the future is bright for this accomplished Canadian duo.


Learn more about the Extremities here:
Check a short clip of the Extremities at the BeatLounge earlier this year.

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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sleeping Giant Gallery + Wes Loates

Sleeping Giant is an art gallery located @ 789 Dundas Street West in the downtown Toronto core; a ways from the chi-chi art district. Real deal art & music go down here. Run by Creative Director & owner Josh Glover, the gallery operates with a DIY mentality infused with a devout support and belief in the artists they exhibit and represent.

Wes Loates is a visual artist & contributor to the Sleeping Giant movement. At 31, he is a simian that rolls on a four wheeled wooden toy... paints on the lost and found or scribbles forbidden dialect and thought crimes upon the skin's of trees. Check out some of his works below, and visit the gallery to explore more.

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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

MoneyMoney Video Shoot + Summer 09'

Some static shots from the "MoneyMoney" Video Shoot.

A big thanks to PistolTrixx and the whole crew for making this happen.

Some shots from housesitting in the Danforth summer 09'.

Lil'Jean & Savilion.

5&1/4 sightings.

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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Bloggertronix Mix Vol.5

Check out the new mixtape from Bloggertronix featuring songs by: Themselves, RQM, Vangel, Two Fingers, Maluca, Robot Koch & more.

"Bass Hard Heavy Electro glitch hiphop world cumbia boom"

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Saturday, November 07, 2009

Solid Steel Podcasts (Ninja Tune)

Ninja Tune & Serato Presents

A Solid Steel Podcast by:
Boom Monk Ben & 2econd Class Citizen

This week's (Nov.6th) Solid Steel Podcast is mixed by dj's Boom Monk Ben & 2econd Class Citizen, mixed in 4 parts; available for stream and DOWNLOAD below.

The mix features artists such as: Diplo, Rusko, 2econd Class Citizen (Equinox), Buddy Peace (Stange Famous), Jel (Anticon), The Slew (NinjaTune), Dj Scientist (Equinox), Ceschi (Fake Four), Blockhead (NinjaTune), Vangel (5&1/4/Equinox), Dj Signify and more.

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posted by evangel papa @ 6:34 AM