Tuesday, April 11, 2006

dark and quiet interviews

I am slowly approaching the end of the academic component of this program. Sometimes you simply can't express adequately an idea in its intention. A current reply thread to my thoughts while typing: "'are you serious?' - insert catch technical verbiage.' B+.

some stuff:

curbsidemag.com up is back up. Check it for a Video interview I did with Egg about the PostModern Eros release.

PostModern Eros is now available for purchase at additional webstores including: phonographique
Go check out short videos from this UK based video production group:
big red button - http://www.bigredbutton.tv/videoplayer/

...and Modulok of Red Ants and More or Les are off to the States:

Check out Les' new site for dates and "The Truth about Rap"

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three the hard way

Dropped by Ronnie's local One-Year Anniversary to pass out some new cd's and pose off like 80's rap crews. I didn't stick around for long, but its worth clicking through and checking out the rest of the party pics by Matt @ Antipro.com

Couple shots from the Trinport show courtesy of Sasha.
Modulok of Red Ants.

He only used to stop for the Red Ants. Now he's exposing the Truth About Rap.
MC More or Les.

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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Spurts of Warmth

Self Help is working on his solo debut before leaving the big city.

He painted this pic for me. It's me on a beet diet.

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