Sunday, April 18, 2010



It's called untimely, to release a remix,
long after a song is released.
It's called pertinent when words resonate,
long after you initial encounter them.
"A deeper sense is what the Listeners Crave,
there's too many mcs, and not enough listeners"

Beans - "Crave" (Vangel Remix) by vangel

learn more about Beans and APC

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posted by evangel papa @ 9:21 AM  

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

peterdeadpan: Steps Removed EP (Digital)

The Steps Removed EP was my first official solo instrumental release under the alias: peterdeadpan. In 2005, it was originally released as a Limited 100 CD's, and later re-released by 5&1/4 Records as part of their floppy series; which sold out. It's finally available Digitally w/ new techni-colour artwork HERE.

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posted by evangel papa @ 11:12 AM  

Thursday, April 08, 2010 Photography

Bradley J. Dean is an artist lifestyle promotional Photographer who's work speaks volumes. For the most part, he's developing a strong photographic reputation in showcasing aggressive hardcore punk bands, because, as he says, "not very many people do that well". His photos aren't very traditional and are more reminiscent of early 80's and 90' "SoCal" punk photography. Enjoy, visit his site, and hire him here:

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posted by evangel papa @ 10:17 AM