Saturday, September 30, 2006

the curse of the left handed boy

Jam Faction has a new cd called: The Curse of the Left Handed Boy. Find it here.
A video snippet feat. Greek from the album.

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Friday, September 29, 2006

Too Much Trees & Urban Camping

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Monday, September 25, 2006


Don't be a jerk to Stephie.

10 Reasons why guys shouldn't be jerks:

10. Girls are smarter than you.
9. You're wack.
8. Rhyming in your friend's basement doesn't make you hard.
7. You're mother still dresses you. (I love you mom.)
6. You owe everything to women.
5. Being in love is beautiful.
4. Your boys/crew are secretly gay.
3. Dishonesty and maliciousness will follow you.
2. I'll steal your girl.
1. Girls are smarter than you.

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"You remind me of television"

A couple pics, courtesy of my lil' cuz, from the release.

Kirk Brady is a birthday boy.

Astra, my sis, & Dikolikska.

A Seize the Capital! event...

"You remind me of television", really. I'm consistently amazed at how youth act out the characters/personas and situations they witness on tv. We are not American; though our current political climate and affiliation may yield a strong counter argument. War. Read about Darfur. Cry yourself to sleep.

Nothing like lies, hate, and egocentrism to smack you out of delusions of your personal predicament within capitalism. Think from the outside, and come to notice how cheap smokes begin to gain an indistinguishable sweetness.

Humility & Silence. Where are you taking me?

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Thursday, September 14, 2006

06/07 whats the phase? has really taken off. Dorc is the illest. Look for lots of updates shortly.

I posted this around on the on the interweb after watching TV, and received lots of odd hate mail from Americans
that misunderstood the context. It's a word; curb your reverie of being hard.

Mr. Quibble is a musical collaboration between Fresh Kils and Echo. Find out what's to quibble about.

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