Thursday, October 27, 2005

Curriculum Consultant

good stuff.

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Sunday, October 23, 2005

I never seen No dancing like that before

Visiting an Alternative Education school to observe and assess on Monday and Tuesday. Can't tell you shit. Confidentiality.

Red Ants Release was dope. Strong performances by all, and especially the choreographed interpretive dance sets. Yes, you read it right. I'd have the pictures to prove it, but I neglected to use flash, and pumped out 10 dark pics.

working on a new peterdeadpan single that's to appear on a "hip hop" record from North Providence, Rhode Island. More details as they comer.

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Friday, October 21, 2005

Phobos Deimos Release

Seize The Capital! Records presents… Red Ants “Phobos Deimos” CD Release Party:

Sat.Oct.22 at Club Trinport – Toronto 249 Ossington @ Dundas
- 19+ $5, $10 w/ CD 10pm
Featuring live performances by:
Red Ants
Astral Northstarr of Embassy
More Or Les
plus Johnny K Zar and live dance performances by Aurora de Peña & Nika Mistruzzi.

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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Brain Thaw

Holy shit. I been bustin my ass at school. I've Never worked this hard, for this long before. Not hard, just time consuming to the point where I spend every night writing reflections of my day, or my readings, or my group work; sometimes I just plain ol' stare at the lightbox and type.

Oh. So, that "someone" at the "someone else show", where Self Help threw his homie through the club window, was Wordburglar.

I went to the release party for this; it was nice. Nice like:

Can you belive this girl is crowdin my turf? I can't.

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Sunday, October 16, 2005

hooked on sonnets.

So, I'm searching around print shops for one sketchy enough to photocopy multiple textboooks from cover to cover without breaking the spine, so I can return and get a refunds on em. Most places are like, "that's illegal! We can't do it, but If YOU would like to do it, go ahead". I'm not having it, so I head to this local print shop.

He says he'll do it no prob, super cheap, in a day. I'm happy it's over and turn around to walk out, and I see this 1970's organ (Lowrey Super Genie) sitting in the middle of this print/fax/computer shop. He goes on to tell me the story of the guy who wanted to ship it, but bailed cause he found out it would cost 4 bills to ship. Heavy shit.

He says, "if you can take it, it's yours". Truck, lift, pain, drive, lift, pain, carry, pain, drag, stubbed toe, pain, push, pain; done. It was worth it. Been tripping out ever since.

Speaking of tripping out, Self Help told me a wicked story about an incident at the Peanuts & Corn, Toolshed, and 'someone else' show in Toronto recently. The story goes: some their homies from London were down for the night and getting hella pissed. So, one friend starts distributing real hard smacks in the face to various friends, but totally out the blue; bamm. hahaha. You know, hurts, but kinda jokes among friends.

So this friend of Derek's, who I think I met once, gets to him and lays it to him....smack. Derek's intuition- he pushes him; totally natural. But, beacause his friend is so wasted he stumbles backwards and goes through the front window of the club. No one was hurt and the club and promoter came to an agreable settlement, so there is a happy ending.

Moral of the story:

You never know how wasted your friends are until you push them through a window and laugh about it after over drinks.

I heard Toolshed members side-project: Sequestrians. I was very impressed; extra nice. Where do I get a copy?

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Friday, October 14, 2005

printing out life on 8 1/2 x 11's....

Purchased my first printer yesterday. Yes, I'm lame, and get excited about bullshit. I'm mostly happy that I can now avoid emailing myself word .docs and having to use my pop's computer to print. Steps to independence.......haha.

I ran into Grimace Love of Scarborough's mighty Monolith a couple weeks ago, and he graciously hit me with a copy of his new mixtape: Fire in the Streets Vol.2.

It's a good listen from a good guy and it has been hella long since I've heard the voices and raps of people like: Wio-K (who, i'm told has a new single), Shamon, Dan-e-o, Nish Raawks and such. "Dear Hip Hop Part II" is dope. Dare I say, better than the original?

Also heard a bit of the limited edition 7" picture disc Mumbles is pressing for Sixtoo; good stuff.

....Totally unrelated: I was given an organ that will be the new centre of my studio. The tone is dream like; I been waiting for this. I'll share the story next post...


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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Data Management

Well, not quiet. I'm responsible to build a unit plan, and daily lesson plans on data management for grade 4's. Today's intro went aight. I need to work on time management. Let's build these graphs.

So I been thinking of my new album and how it's gonna come together. It's done, I just need to find time to sit and finish off the mixes. It's called Postmodern Eros; I will post some art soon. Oh yeh, instrumental is what it is. Whatever you're listening to right now - is what it is not.

Anyone heard of Jimmy Greek?

Dope mc
. His latest album..........

There are like 5 or 6 songs that I really dug on the last 2 albums I've heard from him. Not really his rhymes or his voice, nor the beats in particular, but something about the overall pictures he paints with themes, and contexts and.....aarggghh! "Yeh...Walking down the street I got my eye on you, I got my eye on you, I got my eye on you." Emo stalking.

Egg put me on to him and lent me some cd's......which I still have! Dan - I have been taking good care of em. Honest.

gotta book.

the rest is on you.

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Sunday, October 09, 2005

CDJ's get cut short

I booked early last night so I only caught the first fifteen of Paul's set, but I must admit that I was kinda dissapointed that he was spinning with cd players. Cdj'ing. It was packed and the vibe was energetic, so all is good.

Got so much schoolwork to get at this week, so I decided to skip family thanksgiving events and get started. F--k - this blog will continually suck until i'm done school, again.

On the other hand, the opposite of sucking is: The Chiefs

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Saturday, October 08, 2005

I worked seven hours with my Dad today; levelling and inserting new concrete patios stones at this crazy lady's house. Shits are heavy. Why do people hire a professional contractor to redo their backyard and then make a thousand and one technical suggestions on how to do it? Is calling Home Depot, your brother, and the local handy man, and forwarding their thoughts to the guy you hired , while he's working, really constructive?

I'm off to Dorc's to peep his cuts on an Ill Seer & Friends project called: Skelital Decibels, and then to check out NFA and Prince Paul. I've read a couple PP interviews, which is odd cause I don't usually read any hip hop media, and really appreciated what he had to say. Someone tell me what "It-strumentals" sounds like; I need to hear it.

I will be trying to do update this blog thing everyday, so....yeah.

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Friday, October 07, 2005 before a real website

........So. I decided to start this blog until the real website was done. I was inspired to get things off my chest because there is altogether too much stuff going on not to talk about it. Also, I have been hooked on reading fritz tha cat's blogs :

I returned to school this year after a 5 year leave of absence, and I am having some difficulties rewiring my body and brain to function during non-musician hours. Haven't been going out very much, but managed to get out last weekend with Dorc and Puppet to see a Hip-Hop documentary on our Nextra friends: Mindbender and Eternia.

The documentary, "Living for Rap", was screened as part of Toronto's First Annual Community Film Festival, and followed the lives of these two, along with other Toronto artists, in the summer of 2004. Shouts to Joe Galiwango for all his hard work.

Hardcore/Punk News:

Raise Them and Eat Them have just had a release party for their new 7".

Also, members of Raise em have started a new band called Aarows . Jay and Ken have joined forces with the former lead singer of Far From Heroes, Lee Serviss. No joke, these guys will be the next Simple Blink Sum # Plan. Check out their two mic rehearsal recordings.

And, finally.......

...that's it for a minute. Thanks for reading.

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