Tuesday, April 11, 2006

dark and quiet interviews

I am slowly approaching the end of the academic component of this program. Sometimes you simply can't express adequately an idea in its intention. A current reply thread to my thoughts while typing: "'are you serious?' - insert catch technical verbiage.' B+.

some stuff:

curbsidemag.com up is back up. Check it for a Video interview I did with Egg about the PostModern Eros release.

PostModern Eros is now available for purchase at additional webstores including: phonographique
Go check out short videos from this UK based video production group:
big red button - http://www.bigredbutton.tv/videoplayer/

...and Modulok of Red Ants and More or Les are off to the States:

Check out Les' new site for dates and "The Truth about Rap"

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