Thursday, October 14, 2010

Equinox presents The 25th: Deluxe Ed. Box Set

Equinox Records celebrates its 25th release with a 250 copies limited edition box set. Containing 7inch Vinyl (contains unreleased remix of Deadpan Darling's "Laugh Track" by Deckard and 2econd Class Citizen's classic "Wishing Well" gets reworked by The Raincoatman and Vangel) , USB Stick (w/ 2007 tour video + unseen footage), a 50-minute audio cassette (yes, a real tape!) featuring two incredible Equinox megamixes by Buddy Peace and Phonatic. If you miss the deluxe package with the stick, all of the limited 250 copies include a download link for the video as well as the digital version of the remix release and more bonus material, making "Equinox presents -- The 25th" a worthy package for all music lovers and collectors.

Order + Free DWNLDS here

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posted by evangel papa @ 7:29 AM