Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Weather Patternings (NomadeRadio GuestMix)

A while ago I was contacted to do a Guest Mix for Nomade Radio, and happily abliged.
The Mix aired live in mid-October on Nomade Radio (CHOQfm, Montreal), PanikRadio (105 Begium), and AfricanRadio (Sierra Leone). I repped a lot of material from the 5and1quarter catalogue, a few of my own remixes, and included a few old favs.


* insert - jazz (intro) *
Milosh - You Make Me Feel (Plug Research)
Ceschi - The One Man Band Broke Up (Equinox Records/Fake Four)
The Extremities - Eight Days (BackBurner)
Dan the Automator - 4:17 (75 Arc)
Massive Attack - Paradise Circus feat. Hope Sandoval (Virgin)
Vangel - Cold Rain (Equinox Records/5&1/4 Records)
Jostereo - Summer Breeze (independent)
* insert - jazz (sloppy) *
Nephlim Modulation Systems - Super Pretzel (BigTopCircusFreak Mix) (Big Dada)
ProF - A Life Force (5&1/4 Records)
Beans - Crave (Vangel Remix) (Warp Records)
Tidy Kid - Smell (Umor Rex)
The Extremities - Lost Souls (5&1/4 Records/BackBurner)
Michna - Fresh Brew (Ghostly)
peterdeadpan - Revolving Door (5&1/4 Records/DFM)
Tidy Kid - Circus Tramp (Gozombie Records)
Massive Attack - Psyche feat. Martina Topley-Bird (Virgin)
* insert - jazz (outro) *

You can stream and DOWNLOAD only the 1/2 mix here

Weather Patternings (NomadeRadio/5&1/4 Guest Mix) Mixed by Vangel by 5&1/4 Records

You can stream the full 1hr show including the mix here

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