Saturday, July 25, 2009

Set up in a Kitchen like GMF

It's been a while since I actually wrote goes. Spending the month of August housesitting a big house on the mid-east side of Toronto. Home wouldn't be comfortable without a studio to write music, so Day 1 was tear down and re-setup hell.

Curiously, the most acoustically and structurally appropriate room in the house for music is the kitchen. Pre-furnished with a large sturdy table, mini-bar, full-sized fridge & stove, and bonus sink, the kitchen made itself known as the place of inspiration.

No mention of kitchens and music is contextual without referencing GrandMaster Flash's classic scene in Wild Style of laying down cuts in his mom's kitchen. Obviously, these are not just any scratches on wax; they're the first cuts...

I just found out the GMF invented cueing. What would shitty poser dj's do if they couldn't pretend to be doing something amazing while holding one ear of they're headphones tight and purporting to be doing something musically in their minds?

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posted by evangel papa @ 8:15 AM