Monday, June 22, 2009

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Vangel – Biblio EP (5&1/4 Records/Equinox Digital)

Vangel makes great use of public and private libraries as his primary source of sound samples, but incorporates live instrumentation from some of Toronto’s premier session musicians, creating a great jazz/electronic hybrid, a very accomplished affair, blurring the lines between disparate genres and sound sources. The five tracks contained here lay between the sorcery of electronic production, the spiritual life of jazz, and folk influences, never overstating any particular flavour.

Released on a small Canadian label with an intent to produce limited number releases with environmental recycling packaging. With this release, old 5 & 1/4 inch floppy discs have been reused to clever effect. This release has also been picked up by forward thinking Berlin hip-hop label Equinox for digital release.

A refreshing ep.



Singles & EPs Review - June 2009


Cheesy wacka-wacka fights with sophisticated lounge-jazz. Lounge jazz wins. Stoner “Schools & Colleges Follow “Dark Side Of The Moon”. (CM)

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