Friday, October 07, 2005 before a real website

........So. I decided to start this blog until the real website was done. I was inspired to get things off my chest because there is altogether too much stuff going on not to talk about it. Also, I have been hooked on reading fritz tha cat's blogs :

I returned to school this year after a 5 year leave of absence, and I am having some difficulties rewiring my body and brain to function during non-musician hours. Haven't been going out very much, but managed to get out last weekend with Dorc and Puppet to see a Hip-Hop documentary on our Nextra friends: Mindbender and Eternia.

The documentary, "Living for Rap", was screened as part of Toronto's First Annual Community Film Festival, and followed the lives of these two, along with other Toronto artists, in the summer of 2004. Shouts to Joe Galiwango for all his hard work.

Hardcore/Punk News:

Raise Them and Eat Them have just had a release party for their new 7".

Also, members of Raise em have started a new band called Aarows . Jay and Ken have joined forces with the former lead singer of Far From Heroes, Lee Serviss. No joke, these guys will be the next Simple Blink Sum # Plan. Check out their two mic rehearsal recordings.

And, finally.......

...that's it for a minute. Thanks for reading.

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