Thursday, February 11, 2010

TBD - "Thought You Knew" (debut single)

5&1/4 Records presents:
debut single release (digital)
"Thought you Knew" by TBD

TBD (Truth.By.Design) is a 3 man hip hop group from Toronto. In stark contrast to the influx of new school candy rap, these vets have watched hip hop generations and trends come and go. (Emcee) Mizery, (Producer) DTKS & (DJ) Lupan's combination, make music that is poised and patient, for the artform that once inspired revolt. A gritty snapneck ode to boom-bapism, the release of their debut single "Thought You Knew" is taken from the debut EP "Timeless", coming March 2010 on 5&1/4 Records.


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posted by evangel papa @ 12:03 PM