Thursday, November 26, 2009

Ira Lee (My Favourite Songs By Me)

‘My favorite songs by me‘ is the awesome new lp by your friend Ira Lee. What immediately seperates this lp from the hundred and fifty others I come across everyday is the phenomenal Polaroid cover art. The cd is a meaty 16 tracks of distinctive song writing and truly original concepts. It’s rare that a ’rapper’ is able to shape shift so effectively from sing song delivery, to straight on first person storytelling. Aside from it’s startling creativity, and diverse and interesting production values, ‘my favorite songs by me’ manages to maintain a level of sincerity absent in modern music. Featuring production by Factor, Scott Da Ros, Mattr, Funken, & more, Ira lee is truly a wonderful discovery. Available Dec.1 2009 from Endemik Music (internationally) and

Check out this oldie but goodie...Die.

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posted by evangel papa @ 3:47 PM