Thursday, October 29, 2009

Plastic Milk SF Feature

Plastic Milk SF (Featured Article) by JM

Toronto-based producer Vangel creates music that will make you want to get your zen on in one track and your dance on in the next. The eclectic producer first made his mark in Canada’s hip-hop scene where his work was described as “beats so gloriously fucked, they make EL-P sound like a more accesible Moby” (Now Magazine). His variety-pack musical leanings shine through in his work where the songs serves as a melting pot of musical genres: jazz, hip-hop, folk..the list goes on. While he grew up playing in his grade school’s band and strings ensemble, attending summer music camp and rehearsing with his city’s symphony orchestra, he realized that playing music wasn’t for him. “I hated playing. I wanted to put it together”. Lucky for us, Vangel is a master at musical collages and “putting it together.”

His days of searching through flea markets for interesting vinyl lead to DJing which eventually resulted in his passion for beats. “I wanted to make beats so bad. I had so many ideas I wanted to try out. I bought a computer, quit my job, and moved home”. For the past four years, Vangel has released a string of instrumental EPs that have won over critics and music-lovers. His work has resulted in comparisons to DJ Shadow and Mr Scruff. Listen to “Eat Your FootLoose” below and enjoy the beautiful soundscapes created by a man whose ear for instrumentation unifies the musical genres and keeps things interesting.-JM

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Download-“Eat Your FootLoose (Live Mix)”-Vangel

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