Friday, September 18, 2009

ProF Single "Blue Bunny Stampede" (feat.Vangel)


It's an extremely beautiful day on the planet far away. After inhaling too the sound of dancing bubbles, the exhale is simply fantastic... the mind soul and body are tickled by a stampede of joyful Blue Bunnies.

ProF: Superorganism EP "Trippy, Melancholic sounds and scratches manipulated with an MPC, mixer and FX machines laid out in what’s becoming ProF’s signature “off-time” style. These aren’t just beats, they’re landscapes built with sounds." BRING BACK THE BOOMBOX

Vangel: Biblio EP "A great jazz/electronic hybrid; a very accomplished affair, blurring the lines between disparate genres and sound sources" Cyclic Defrost Magazine
A taste of what happens when two of Toronto Canada's most forward thinking beat constructors come together. Everything we love musically intermingled.

Get the FREE DWNLD here:

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posted by evangel papa @ 6:20 AM