Wednesday, February 18, 2009

"Biblio" EP Reviews / EQX special on Jaw Modulation (Mixed by B-Ju)

Some hysterical reviews...

"...don’t mix up Canada’s Vangel with those Kenny G types. "Biblio EP” is lively and fluid."

"Vangel's Biblio marks the mass migration of the dance floor from the club to the elevator."


Please check out the Jaw Modulation Radio Show tomorrow (Feb.18th.09) between 8 to 10 pm. Amongst other dope music, they will feature an exclusive 30 minute mix by B-Ju that includes some brandnew and unreleased tracks from Equinox Records and friends. If you missed the show you can click the banner above or click HERE for FREE DOWNLOAD.

1. Deckard - Noir Desire (Part 2) (B-Ju Edit) (eqxdgtl-001, Future World EP)
2. Vangel - Broken Jazz Hands (B-Ju Edit) (eqxdgtl-002, Biblio EP)
3. Emynd - Identity Through Alterity (eqx-011, One Year & A Day: A Sound Exposure Vol.2)
4. Free The Robots - Untitled (Unreleased)
5. 2econd Class Citizen - Step Inside (Playpad Circus Remix) (eqx-017, One By One EP)
6. DiViNCi - PUSH Beat (eqx-004, PUSH Beat 10inch)
7. 2econd Class Citizen - For This Weíll Find No End (Instrumental) (eqx-017, One By One EP)
8. B-Ju - Claire Fisher (Unreleased)
9. Vangel - Trew Lub (eqxdgtl-002, Biblio EP)
10. Deckard - Alpha 79 (eqxdgtl-001, Future World EP)
11. Deckard & Dignity Of Men (eqx-011, One Year & A Day: A Sound Exposure Vol.2)
12. Deckard - Is This The End (eqxdgtl-001, Future World EP)

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