Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Scarborough Daze

It's been a bit since I've even thought about writing something on here; nevermind something meaningful. I've been spending my days in the Boro, wrestling with work, online academia, and lifestyle hazards; Strategic suburban dismantling project in effect.

New music is on the way. Thanks to Peter and Jer for their help in fixing my ASR. Old story, new ideas. In 99' when I finished school (..the first time), I was at this lame corporate job hating my life and wanting to make music. Back then, I was into rapping, and thought I had something meaningful to say, and was searching for a sampler/workstation that I could record vocs into, as well as make beats (one stop studio). In my stupidness, I bought a roland 808ex over an ASR-X. Needless to say; big mistake. I think I wrote one complete beat on it; 4 polyphony punk me.

Flash forward: 2008. The music gods shine on me in the form of an ASRxPro at the local pawn shop for close to the same price as I could get for my 808. Sell, exchange, solder, play, play, play. I'm not a gear nerd, for real; f--k your gear.

Im off to Europe for the summer. Paris, Milan, and Budapest for now. Check the show dates and info on MySpace . I'll be writing a new instrumental EP during my travels called "Killing the Killer"; a mediterranean influenced exploration of the rationalization and realities of killing as a moral justification and reaction to killing. The rebellion will not be subject to your revolution.


Releases: Look for a the new Equinox Records compilation: A Sound Exposure Vol.2; due out on May 26th, the Biblio EP has been done for a bit and will be released on 5&1/4 records in Nov. of '08, a few odd balls and old goodies should be popping round soon ........

Being metal on metal in Scarborough is curdled soy,
...though everywhere is coffee.

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