Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Vive la Liberte (French Tour Pics 2007)

special thanks and shout outs to all who contributed and helped along the way: mathieu (submass), albane (DYN art), sax (aka dj shai hulud), Clementine, bruce (aka jester), annie & jean, DJ Pitch, Senseless, Spermin, Frank, Ingrid, Bud Skateshop, Faz (, Debmaster, Pierre from Motionless, Hypnotik Records, Ego Twister Records, Krooked Skateboards, Cliche Skateboards, Wax Trade, G! 101.5, Beat Trotterz Radio, HDA, Manimal, dj
crossover, jerome @ the Clipper, the 21 bar, and a whole wack of others... ...wild hogs/.

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posted by evangel papa @ 10:42 PM