Monday, September 25, 2006

"You remind me of television"

A couple pics, courtesy of my lil' cuz, from the release.

Kirk Brady is a birthday boy.

Astra, my sis, & Dikolikska.

A Seize the Capital! event...

"You remind me of television", really. I'm consistently amazed at how youth act out the characters/personas and situations they witness on tv. We are not American; though our current political climate and affiliation may yield a strong counter argument. War. Read about Darfur. Cry yourself to sleep.

Nothing like lies, hate, and egocentrism to smack you out of delusions of your personal predicament within capitalism. Think from the outside, and come to notice how cheap smokes begin to gain an indistinguishable sweetness.

Humility & Silence. Where are you taking me?

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posted by evangel papa @ 5:40 PM