Friday, December 30, 2005

Rupert Travels

I'm kinda worried about my cat, Rupert. He's been gone a little over 2 weeks and no sign of him. He does this every winter; last year he took off for 2 months during winter, and then casually returned one day. What does he eat for 2 months? When he came back last year he was not noticeably thin; cats are nuts. Me and my sister are convinced he's slutting it up with some other family until they run out of good food.

I hung out with Kilgour aka Fresh Kils at his studio/crib yesterday and we got a head start on some of the production collaboration that we had planned. I really like working on music with Kils cause he's talented, motivated, and the view from his apartment makes me chill.

Working on some tracks with Modulok of Red Ants tonight. He did a show out in Peterborough last night and probably smushed a whole slew of hip hop stereotypes in the process. I been fishin through his art and I found something I think is really ill:

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posted by evangel papa @ 12:50 PM