Friday, October 14, 2005

printing out life on 8 1/2 x 11's....

Purchased my first printer yesterday. Yes, I'm lame, and get excited about bullshit. I'm mostly happy that I can now avoid emailing myself word .docs and having to use my pop's computer to print. Steps to independence.......haha.

I ran into Grimace Love of Scarborough's mighty Monolith a couple weeks ago, and he graciously hit me with a copy of his new mixtape: Fire in the Streets Vol.2.

It's a good listen from a good guy and it has been hella long since I've heard the voices and raps of people like: Wio-K (who, i'm told has a new single), Shamon, Dan-e-o, Nish Raawks and such. "Dear Hip Hop Part II" is dope. Dare I say, better than the original?

Also heard a bit of the limited edition 7" picture disc Mumbles is pressing for Sixtoo; good stuff.

....Totally unrelated: I was given an organ that will be the new centre of my studio. The tone is dream like; I been waiting for this. I'll share the story next post...


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posted by evangel papa @ 2:49 PM