Saturday, October 08, 2005

I worked seven hours with my Dad today; levelling and inserting new concrete patios stones at this crazy lady's house. Shits are heavy. Why do people hire a professional contractor to redo their backyard and then make a thousand and one technical suggestions on how to do it? Is calling Home Depot, your brother, and the local handy man, and forwarding their thoughts to the guy you hired , while he's working, really constructive?

I'm off to Dorc's to peep his cuts on an Ill Seer & Friends project called: Skelital Decibels, and then to check out NFA and Prince Paul. I've read a couple PP interviews, which is odd cause I don't usually read any hip hop media, and really appreciated what he had to say. Someone tell me what "It-strumentals" sounds like; I need to hear it.

I will be trying to do update this blog thing everyday, so....yeah.

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posted by evangel papa @ 2:04 PM