Sunday, October 16, 2005

hooked on sonnets.

So, I'm searching around print shops for one sketchy enough to photocopy multiple textboooks from cover to cover without breaking the spine, so I can return and get a refunds on em. Most places are like, "that's illegal! We can't do it, but If YOU would like to do it, go ahead". I'm not having it, so I head to this local print shop.

He says he'll do it no prob, super cheap, in a day. I'm happy it's over and turn around to walk out, and I see this 1970's organ (Lowrey Super Genie) sitting in the middle of this print/fax/computer shop. He goes on to tell me the story of the guy who wanted to ship it, but bailed cause he found out it would cost 4 bills to ship. Heavy shit.

He says, "if you can take it, it's yours". Truck, lift, pain, drive, lift, pain, carry, pain, drag, stubbed toe, pain, push, pain; done. It was worth it. Been tripping out ever since.

Speaking of tripping out, Self Help told me a wicked story about an incident at the Peanuts & Corn, Toolshed, and 'someone else' show in Toronto recently. The story goes: some their homies from London were down for the night and getting hella pissed. So, one friend starts distributing real hard smacks in the face to various friends, but totally out the blue; bamm. hahaha. You know, hurts, but kinda jokes among friends.

So this friend of Derek's, who I think I met once, gets to him and lays it to him....smack. Derek's intuition- he pushes him; totally natural. But, beacause his friend is so wasted he stumbles backwards and goes through the front window of the club. No one was hurt and the club and promoter came to an agreable settlement, so there is a happy ending.

Moral of the story:

You never know how wasted your friends are until you push them through a window and laugh about it after over drinks.

I heard Toolshed members side-project: Sequestrians. I was very impressed; extra nice. Where do I get a copy?

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