Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Data Management

Well, not quiet. I'm responsible to build a unit plan, and daily lesson plans on data management for grade 4's. Today's intro went aight. I need to work on time management. Let's build these graphs.

So I been thinking of my new album and how it's gonna come together. It's done, I just need to find time to sit and finish off the mixes. It's called Postmodern Eros; I will post some art soon. Oh yeh, instrumental is what it is. Whatever you're listening to right now - is what it is not.

Anyone heard of Jimmy Greek?

Dope mc
. His latest album..........

There are like 5 or 6 songs that I really dug on the last 2 albums I've heard from him. Not really his rhymes or his voice, nor the beats in particular, but something about the overall pictures he paints with themes, and contexts and.....aarggghh! "Yeh...Walking down the street I got my eye on you, I got my eye on you, I got my eye on you." Emo stalking.

Egg put me on to him and lent me some cd's......which I still have! Dan - I have been taking good care of em. Honest.

gotta book.

the rest is on you.

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